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Consider a browning BPS?

There are many things I like about mine. It's a solid and well built pump gun that over the years has been used to take almost anything that can be taken with a shotgun pheasants, ducks, geese, turkey, deer, and wild boar. It's also a truly ambidextrous gun which lefties like me love but certainly fits "all purpose" pretty well. Browning makes a variety of barrels that interchange from rifled slug barrels to shorts for home defense.

I have had mine since 83 and have down right abused it at times and it's never given me so much as a hiccup. The barrels themselves can get a bit pricey but I've used the stock 26inch on mine to to take everything listed above. You can pick up the gun istelf new for under $500. You can also find them used for $400 or less.
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