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About 10-12 years ago I just had to have a 16ga O/U too. The 16ga is a great upland round and the history and nostalgia that go with it doesn't hurt either.

Well, I picked up a Marlin Model 90 in 16 gauge pretty cheap and I didn't shoot it half bad, but it had double triggers and looked more utility grade than I cared for. So I started my hunt for a Citori 16 gauge - this was before the last run of them and they were pretty scarce. I finally located a straight stocked lightning and couldn't hit the broadside of a barn with it. I sold the gun off and months later found a Lightning with a round knob stock.

Guess what - couldn't hit anything with that gun either. I guess I should have kept that Marlin...

So I've pretty much resigned myself to shooting light 12 gauge guns for my upland hunting. I lucked into a couple of Beretta 685s (like a 686 but extracters and fixed chokes) that weigh 6.5-7lb. They both shoot 1 oz loads very well, and if I am into pain, I can always use a 3" mag shell in them. I have one with Imp Cyl/Mod 26" barrels and another with Mod/Full 28" barrels.

I still have one 16gauge - it's a SxS Remington Model 1900 made over 100 years ago. The stock has a little too much drop (I guess gentlemen did not lower their heads to look down the barrels back them). But I shoot it OK.

Good Luck with your endevour. May it be more satisfying than mine was. If worse comes to worse, you can always resort to a light 12 gauge like I did.

Maybe next time I will share my 28 gauge story....
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