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I understand OneOunce 6'5" and 290 lbs ...and a grey nose hair away from 60 yrs old myself .....(a few repaired parts..) even with the distant memory of once being an athlete ... I think I can do anything somedays ( and my word man, its only 8 1/2 lbs ... / then I remember - so I understand completely.

I wasn't speaking of chasing Chukar uphill all day ( that's plain old hard work ) .... / more like a "gentleman's hunt for quail" in the piny woods over some nice german shorthairs, maybe some Pheasants in South Dakota along the breaks of a wheat field with a big old lab busting them loose up close, maybe even some rough or blue Grouse in Northwestern Montana on a dusty logging road on nice fall morning or evening ..... ( makes me smile...)

Note to self: I think I pulled a hamstring when I got out of my comfy DUX bed this morning, might have twisted my back picking up the newspaper in the driveway and then I burnt myself filling the Expresso machine with water was a heck of a morning ... ( one is reality / one just makes me smile ...). But I'm still going to shoot those 8 1/2 lb guns in the field as long as I can .....( but not chasing Chukar ) ...
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