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The ranch is large enough to host a full-time game manager and 2 full-time FWC employees, all with families and supply all with individual residences on site.

It leases parcels. The lessees are required to document all kills on their lease and include the lower jawbone of all deer killed.

Somebody made a bad hit with a small cal. I don't have all of the details but assume that they found the deer dead and performed a necroscopy.

S&Cbones, about a dozen on the lease but not all at once. Generally six on any given day.

Taylorf.,my minimum was the 5.65 but it never saw the woods here. The Mini didn't work that well down south. I've been using the .243 as my 'long haul' rifle over the pastures as everybody frowned on my 30-06 when I first entered the camp. At that time IT was considered overkill.

All of this has kept me busy. The 30-06 is sporting new glass, looking at scope mounts for the 30-40 and dialing in my mainstay for the season, 1894 Marlin.
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