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I was an AF crewmember (1953 – 1973) so I was familiar, but never really good, with the .45 cal Model 1911. Later in my AF career, we switched to .38s. Then, after retiring from the AF, I spent 8 years with the Postal Inspection Service, carrying a S&W Model 10 .38 Special. Left the Inspection Service in the early 80s and fired my Model 13 .357 Magnum probably a maximum of 20 rounds…and never once since about 1990. Probably due to the direction our beloved country seems to be headed, I recently became interested in weapons again. I completed the course for a CHL and am waiting for the Texas DPS to issue my license. I passed my .357 along to my son-in-law but bought two semi-auto pistols (M&P and M&P Compact). They seem to work better for an old guy with arthritic hands. I appreciate all the knowledge I have gained over the past couple of months while reading posts from guys like all of you.
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