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1. The locks that should be used. Do they need to be of the TSA type? Seems like they shouldn't be according to the TSA website only the OWNER should be able to unlock no one else not even TSA.
They may NOT be TSA locks on the gun container.
You CAN use them on the suitcase.

2. Does the locked case need to be inside your suitcase?
If you ever expect to see the gun again.
Just put the gun container inside a larger suitcase.
It works very well.

3. If or if not inside your suitecase do they take the suitcase or locked gun box directly to the plane?
No one knows what is inside the suitcase, and no marking may be placed on the suitcase to indicate it contains a firearm.

4. When you arrive is your suitecase or gun case just put on the general belt or do you need to go claim it from a secured area?
The suitcase goes on the baggage carousel.

Rifle cases are usually held at the office, since it is pretty easy to figure out what they are.
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