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Yep, I think they are going to use the 'reasonable aspect' of Heller to make the case that some environs are special cases - like the big Urban areas full of 'nasty' people. But this would probably skirt the issue of racial discrimination. The 'nasty' areas that want to ban handguns have high proportions of minorities.

It will be supported by bogus or biased research reports. Here's the latest:

I haven't had time to read the original but it seems to miss major points and the methodology while perhaps OK for cancer, may not be useful in determining deterrence effects, etc. I think Kleck, etc. will have some telling counters. Kleck had a recent article in a special issue of the American Behavioral Scientist about the fallout of Columbine demonstrating the the gun control suggestion after Columbine are just feel good pallatives with no real effectiveness. BTW, the other experts found that little of the suggestions would do much. The best ones were that you can get females to turn in high school male shooter wannabees.

We will see.
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