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Questions about checking firearms when flying

To those that have travelled on airlines with your guns checked hopefully the following questions can be answered.

1. The locks that should be used. Do they need to be of the TSA type? Seems like they shouldn't be according to the TSA website only the OWNER should be able to unlock no one else not even TSA.

2. Does the locked case need to be inside your suitcase?

3. If or if not inside your suitecase do they take the suitcase or locked gun box directly to the plane?

4. When you arrive is your suitecase or gun case just put on the general belt or do you need to go claim it from a secured area?

I will be travling from FL to MN with them and will be in MN for a few months (which I will probably get my MN or UT carry permit while I'm there).

Think I've narrowed it down to a Pelican 1300 which will hold 2 hand guns nicely. Just need to figure out which locks to get and if I need to just check the case or check it inside some lugage.

Thanks for the help.
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