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To the query of "why?" - I don't mean to be flip, but because I want one and have for some time. A long time 16 afficianado for all the reasons all of us 16 nuts are. in short, the great tweener that does just about all in one gun. Lack of (ease of) availability of some loads aside, just a great gauge. Have owned 16 singles, sxs and pumps (mostly Ithaca 37s) for years. I've had and appreciated 12s and have (and enjoy) a 20 as well. I know you can load down a 12, but - don't load my own right now and love the fact that 16s are often made with their own discreet (smaller/lighter) chassis--or shared with the 20 (sort of like 9mm and 40 S&W vs .45 for pistoleros). The 16 is just a great uplander and all around (incl theoretical HD) shotgun. An O/U quite frankly, as it is for many of us, is a luxury and want, not need. I'll take a look for the Ithaca (SKB) mentioned. Failing something like that, I imagine I'll end up having to suck it up (for me) with the Citori. Thanks for the suggestions thus far.

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