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Thanks again for all of the advice. I appreciate it. And, sorry one more for any confusion.
No need to apologize, some of us are just rascals and anytime a what should I get....? question comes up fur flies and what the heck, its on the inter tube, nobody can spit on each other or throw their drink or roll around in the dirt.

But a valid question was raised and it really helps to be a little more specific. Some people just do skeet, I shoot turkey and practice HD drills, others are rabbit hunters and others are goose busters, no two of us have the same shotgun but any shotgun we have can be used with varying degree's of success at the other guys sport. You mentioned a club and that is your source for information. Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, a mixture?

See what the old timers are using and ask them why. Gun guys like to talk about their guns, might even have a few shotguns scattered around among the club members that they no longer use and might be willing to let go for less than blood money to get a newbie started.
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