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The term "all-purpose" is specific, but "affordable" is a subjective term that means different things to different folks. For me, when I'm talking about guns, my idea of "affordable" is a couple of hundred bucks. That doesn't mean I couldn't pay $20,000 for a shotgun, it just means that I wouldn't; not while in my part of the South, I can still buy decent, habitable rental houses or small tree farms, or tracts of cutover timber for that kind of money.

Here's my idea of an affordable all purpose shotgun: I just bought a classic John Browning- designed Remington Model 11, in very good to excellent condition for $200. Depending on the ammo I shoot, it should be good for anything from upland birds to geese. I could probably use it for deer hunting with slugs. It was manufactured in 1938, and it's a little heavy by todays standards, and it kicks like a heavyweight, but for HD it will fire 5 rounds about as quickly as I can point it and pull the trigger. Of course,I can plug it for hunting. It's a very well made gun, with checkered stock and hunting roll mark, and I could probably sell it tomorrow morning for as much or more than I paid for it. It will probably last another 71 years, and as time goes by, I'll bet that it'll be worth a lot more than $200.
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