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What type of RV do you have?

My wife and I travel several months at a time in a Class A and I will not be without a weapon. I usually tote two handguns and a shotgun. The shotgun stays in a locked metal case which is kept in the closet and I have a small safe which I store the handguns when they are not needed or I am so place where my CCW is not honored. Almost every where you are allowed to protect your home and in effect, your RV is your home.

My personal feeling is that I take my weapon every place I go, even if my permit is not honored. I would rather explain why I was carrying and pay the fine and do the time than to end up dead because I was defenseless against an armed thug.

Best advice I can offer is do not try to go into Canada with firearms. They are very restrictive. If you are not going to a named competition, you will have to leave your weapons at the border crossing and return to pick them up. Not too bad unless you don't want to come back thru the same border crossing.
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