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G'day. Some parts of the opening statement got me thinking.

I am privileged to hunt on a section of a well managed private ranch. Some moron (not on our section) decided to hunt with a .22 Hornet. Management found the dead deer
If it is well managed then they knew (and therefore approved) a .22 hornet was being used to hunt Deer. If they did not know a .22 hornet was going to be used or they didn't know the hunter was going to be there, then the ranch is not well managed. (I think it's called a catch 22)

How did the ranch management know a .22 hornet was used?

Swampghost. I'm not trying to flame you, just found the choice of words interesting.

What caliber did you use on that ranch?
Apart from Deer, what else is there to shoot at on that ranch?
How many people hunt there?
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