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5.56, 1000 Rounds case. Is $500 a good price?

I have a friend that offered to sell me a case of his Winchester 5.56 ammo
It's 55Gr. FMJ and it was made here in the USA. He has had it in storage for about 10 years in a heated safe. I've fired a few rounds of the loose ammo had had in the safe with it and it all fired really well with no misfires or jams.
He is asking $475 for the case of 1000 rounds. It's unopened and there are 20 rounds per box in the case of 50 boxes. He guarantees it is all 100% USA made and it says so on the case label too. He has 20 loose boxes he'll sell me for $10.25 a box in any qty I want less than the case.
If I don't want the case, is the $10.25 a box a good deal?

It's so hard to get that much ammo around here, do you think he might be trying to get the better of me sice it is?

I haven't needed any ammo for a couple of years so it sounds like a pretty good deal right now. I've got enough for now but I could always use more if it is a good deal. Last time I bought 5.56 ammo it was only $7.50 a box

I told him I'd let him know in a couple of days so I could research his offer.
I can find similar ammo at Cabela's at $589 for 600 rounds so I think he's close. I wouldn't have to pay their shipping charges either. The stuff from Cabela's isn't USA made and I'm not even sure they have any in stock either.
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