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Originally Posted by 45GUnner
C'mon guys, work with me...not against me. Got something positive to say that will help, spill it right here. If by some stretch of the imagination you find this is against your beliefs and value system, then let's hear your point of view but spell it out, don't just throw darts at it.
I never had any intention of working against you. If I tell you what to write and you write it then you'd be my secretary and it would be my letter. So far as "darts", like I said, you can't make it better without taking out what might be a problem. I may be a bit "abrupt" in my observations. Maybe I should subscribe to the old advice of starting and ending with a compliment and putting the negative in the middle... but, that never worked for me. I see right through it and assume other people do to, so, got a problem? Tell me about it and I'll tell you too. Fair is fair.


1)Don't bother with the "antis". They're going to change their minds the same way you're going to change yours. Go for the "undecideds".

2)You have to think, and talk, in a way that your audience thinks and talks. That was my point about "gun rights". Guns don't have rights. The term "gun rights" is used by antis and "gun rights" people. Regular people want to hear about the issue. Stay away from insider vernacular, especially that which may be confusing and/or engender negative images.

3)Some arguments are old, tired and/or obvious. The car/gun comparison is one of them. Your target audience, the undecideds, aren't going to buy it. The antis aren't going to buy it. All you'll get is "Ar Ar Ar, Hell yeah!" from "the troops" and that'll be it. Such arguments are a turn-off for those that may be open to...

4)The facts man. Present the facts. It doesn't matter that cars kill more people than guns. The "undecideds" need to know why GUNS ARE GOOD. Why are you telling them that cars are bad? Present statistics about lives saved, rapes prevented, kidnappings stopped, the truth about firearms accidents and deaths, etc.

5)The tone of the letter is decidedly angry and resentful. It does indeed come across as an angry ex-soldier who is unable to ply his trade..... and that's from a guy on your side. Imagine how the undecideds might see it.
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