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Thanks....I posted this letter as I am going to get involved in standing up for 2nd amendment rights as I think it is an important thing to do. Especially in today's political environment when we have so many sooth slayers embedded within the political machine. I was hoping for constructive help and critique but I see that this is not the place to get it.

Most of this forum is enjoyable when it comes to fun stuff but a lot of people are quick to criticize without adding anything constructive. If any one that cared to comment so that I could alter my letter so that it would have more positive impact to help the cause, I would certainly accept that and be open to such input.

C'mon guys, work with me...not against me. Got something positive to say that will help, spill it right here. If by some stretch of the imagination you find this is against your beliefs and value system, then let's hear your point of view but spell it out, don't just throw darts at it.
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