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Now that I've added two rifles to my collection (a 6.8 AR15 'style' and a 22LR rifle) I had PLANNED to mix a rifle in at every trip (usually the 22LR), but on my most recent range trip, I got charged fully double the usual rate to use a "rifle" lane --- keep in mind, this is an INDOOR range and there is nothing that seems to make a rifle lane any different from a regular lane other than it would appear they like to space out the rifle folk. -- I've previously brought the same rifles to the range and not been charged extra, so I'm not sure what brought on that charge now (and it was a relatively quiet day).

This will probably cut down my # of weapons a bit per trip, as I have to factor in that extra step-up cost to bringing along a long gun. :barf: Is this at all standard at indoor ranges? (that is, charging more to shoot long guns in the same lanes used for handguns?)
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