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most everything you can buy off of midwayusa...

Lee furnace... aprox $32
lee bullet molds.. $20
find out too if you will need gas checks
Lee dipper $3

a large cast iron pot is nice to make lead into smaller more managable sizes by then using a muffin pan to mold them. and a large ladle to scoop.

as far as getting lead, you can use wheel whieghts or if you really want to get good stuff you can buy some wiedeners shooting supply has got some decently price lead.

do buy a lyman cast bullet or lee modern reloading book. makes it an easier tranistion.

as far as safety gear... discount saftey gear is fairly cheap. depending on how safe you wanna be a respirator is optional but thick gloves and googles are essential.

there is also a casting sticky i beleive on the bullet casting forum on this site that will give a good overview on it all... good luck!
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