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that wasn't true... "bloodshot" the bruising around the wound seemed to be as much related to the velocity of the bullet, as it's weight or diameter...
You're right. A good portion of the "bloodshot" meat comes from the effects of hydrostatic shock more than exactly bullet energy or size/weight. Speed produces hydrostatic shock completely independently of energy or size of the bullet. Energy and size/weight(momentum) will effect the penetration distance and may produce longer channels of lost meat but the diameter of the damage is highly dependent on high speeds causing hydrostatic shock.

On the 357mag.... I'd say you'd be fine for virtually ANY deer at distances out to 100 yards more, depending on the exact load. Contrary to popular internet lore, deer are not hard to kill. Pretty much any handgun with roughly 450ft/lbs or so of energy and just about any rifle bigger than 17 caliber is sufficient, given the proper bullet, placement and distances.
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