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To mskdgunman:
If you are the LEO you assert yourself to be, you mus know that this statement is totally wrong:

Technically in FL, it could be considered Disorderly conduct if the carrying of the weapon caused a panic or a stampede but generally, you have to have independent victims who will come forward.
In Florida, open carry is illegal under 790.053 there are exceptions to this, such as being on your own property, at your place of business, going to or from fishing, hunting, etc. There are a host of exceptions. I suggest you become acquainted with them, or you may be the next LEO on the other side of a lawsuit.

Your other statement shows another lack of understanding of the law:
The only question I have is if you are open carrying, can an LEO check to make sure you are not a convicted felon?
You are a LEO, and you don't already know? If OC is not illegal in the state the LEO is in, then no. Not anymore than than it would be to pull over every driver to do a license check, or stop everyone within 1,000 feet of a school to see if they are a sex offender.
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