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of those listed so far, I'd probably choose the 30-30...

as the "newbie" at deer camp ( back when I 1st met & married my wife... going hunting with her dad & old family friends ), I was bestowed the honor of field dressing most of the deer ( I think they wanted to make sure I knew how to do it )... guns used were one 243, several 30-06's, one 300 Win Mag, & one 45-70...

one might think the 243 provided the least amount of damage to the meat... but that wasn't true... "bloodshot" the bruising around the wound seemed to be as much related to the velocity of the bullet, as it's weight or diameter... the 45-70 with factory loads consistantly damaged less meat than the other rifles shot for shot... the owner of the land is the one who used the 300 Win Mag, & I always wondered why he hadto use that cannon on deer, because we often had to trim out 6-8" out around the bullet hole because of bloodshot, the 30-06 with 180 grain bullets bruised less meat than the lighter weight hollow points...

personally now, I'm a handgun hunter... I'd be using my 45 Colt Contender... but a 357 Mag sounds like the ticket for smaller deer at close ranges ????
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