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You say MI does not require registration of handguns. Do you mean they do not require the so-called 'safety check' of handguns, performed by a person who did not even know if the weapon was loaded, at the local police department? Per MI law, as of March 2009, it states that you still need a license to purchase, unless you have a concealed weapons permit. However, even with a concealed permit there is still a required Pistol sales record that must be sent to the police.
This in effect is a type of registration, and looking at MI's state police site, it is still required. But, I no longer live in MI, so what I am reading may be old news.

I'm just curious if this is still correct. I know that Federal employees who legally carried weapons while serving in MI were still required to register their personal weapons at the local police department (not Federally issued weapons).

Also, noted that local LEOs were required to obtain a 'license to purchase certificate' to purchase their personal weapons, but if they had a concealed weapons permit, they did not require the license to purchase. That I could never understand.
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