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Originally Posted by 300magman you typically take lower vital area shots?
No, in fact my advice is to avoid the heart when possible. Both to save the shoulders and the heart from bullet damage but also because a low shot will hit nothing but leg. Generally, I aim several inches roughly 45 degrees up and behind the heart. This location is nearly fool proof as it insures a vital zone hit in all but the most extreme eventualities.

I don't mind a DRT shot, I just don't understand why it's the criteria for choosing a gun. I shoot deer with a bow too so I see what 40 or 50 ft/lbs does and how easy a heart and/or lung shot deer is to track.

Yeah, sometimes tracking can get nasty in brush but it's just not a real concern for me. A deer hit in the lungs will be bleeding in a way that makes trails easy to follow.

It's funny that you mention the low shot being idealized by the tv shows. I've always thought that they seem to glamorize the DRT shots and often shoot dangerously close to the "no mans land" in the deers high forward chest area.
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