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Posts: 714 you typically take lower vital area shots?

I find if you look in a lot of hunting magazines or watch a lot of hunting shows the "recommended" ideal broadside shot is a bit low for my seems to involve aiming AT the heart. Myself and most other in my camp, we shoot a little higher..typically our bullets miss the heart entirely but catch major blood vessel/arteries instead and the lungs still get punctured. I like this approach because One: it saves the heart and that's good eating! and Two: it does seem to anchor deer (most of us use 180gr federal powershot ammo from 308s or 30.06s) Sometimes a deer will make it 50 yards, but often they just drop right in place or take one single jump and fall. My own personally theory is that the impact of the bullet is imparting a serious shock to the spinal colum (as the bullet passes fairly close, but under it) and on more than a few deer it appears to be slightly bruised. ... nothing like a good shock to the spin to stop something in its tracks.

As for the issue of tracking a fatally wounded deer...its usually not too hard, but there are a lot of areas around here where 150 yards can and does seem like an eternity of gnarls, tangles, and annoying frost reddened leaves that make red drops of blood blend in and desappear to anything but the sharpest eyes.
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