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The Hornet is just a poor choice.Not enough bullet weight and light bullet construction.
At the ranges one might try to use a Hornet,a good old 30-30 will get the job done.So will a .250Savage or a .44 mag.A 7.62x39,a 35 Rem,or many rifles downloaded a bit ,even with a cast bullet.Along with hitting a good spot,you have to get penetration.Varmint bullets are poor.

The last deer I shot was a nice 4 point.(western count).Ot collapsed in its tracks from a lung shot.Exit wound was half dollar size.None of the jello-bloodshot hivel explosive damage.

I hit it with a 200 grain .30 cal Accubond launched at 2900 fps from a 30-338.

By using a heavy,tough bullet,meat damage is light
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