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Swampghost said:

peet, detonating animals is my primary concern. A .30 anything will ruin a large portion of meat given the short ranges that we mostly hunt it.
Methinks you don't fully understand terminal ballistics of very many types of bullets?

If you use a fragile bullet, then what you said is generally true. With a better constructed bullet, it's not.

I've gotten horrendous meat damage from a .243 bullet that was fragile, yet only lost about 4 ounces from each of two different antelope shot with a 7mm mag using a better (not premium) bullet.

I also stopped using the fragile bullets in the .243, and the ones I use now don't damage a lot of meat.

Our little whitetails (coues deer) top out at around 120 lbs. They average about 80 lbs. I've shot some within 10 or 15 yards with a 7mm mag that resulted in minimal meat damage.

Pick a good bullet (but not TOO well constructed or it won't expand at all), place it well, and you won't have to worry.

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