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Originally Posted by simonkenton
I wanted something to do more damage to anchor those deer.
I don't really understand the fascination with anchoring a deer. Nearly every deer I've ever shot has run somewhere between 30 and 150 yards. I've never had a problem finding one. A hole through both lungs, especially one that hits a major artery, can leave blood trails literally 5 feet wide and 3 feet up the side of trees and brush. I might walk 5 miles in a day of hunting, 150 yards more is not terribly bothersome.

Originally Posted by simonkenton
Now I shoot 'em with the .50 Savage muzzleloader, two inch exit wound on a lung shot, Bambi won't get far.
"Bambi" could still go 150 yards or more. Like I said above, I hunt with a 12ga generating over 3000ft/lbs of energy. Nearly every deer that I and everyone in my hunting group has ever shot has run between 30 and 150 yards. Last year I shot a buck at about 40 yards with a Remington Core-Lokt Ultra. It was walking at the time. At the shot it jumped and jogged about 40-50 yards before falling. I blew it's heart to shreds and hit both lungs. 3000ft/lbs from what is essentially a 50 caliber rifle bullet and the deer didn't "anchor".
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