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Swampghost, you have never shot a deer with a 30-06.
I have killed 90 Georgia whitetails, and I killed 60 of them with my 30-06.
These were small deer like you are talking about, 130 pounds on the hoof was not unusual, some were 150 pounds, a really big one was 200 pounds on the hoof.
Thick Georgia woods, average range, 40 yards.
I was using the Winchester Silvertip, and the Remington CoreLokt, both in 180 grains.
On a lung shot, .30 entrance wound, .50 exit.
Zero damage to good meat, just a little bruising on the ribs, they are garbage anyway.
On the neck shot, no big deal, wasted a pound or two of neck meat, but the deer was anchored, didn't run.

Rather than excessive damage, my problem was inadequate damage. On the lung shot those little Georgia deer would run 100 yards at least. I had them run 120 yards sometimes. I got good at tracking a blood trail.

I wanted something to do more damage to anchor those deer.
Now I shoot 'em with the .50 Savage muzzleloader, two inch exit wound on a lung shot, Bambi won't get far.
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