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Originally Posted by Swampghost
A .30 anything will ruin a large portion of meat given the short ranges that we mostly hunt it.
I don't think that it will. I hunt deer exclusively with a 12ga which generates over 3000ft/lbs of energy. These days we use ballistic-tip bullets too. So, I've essentially got a high powered, 58 caliber rifle and the VAST majority of shots are at under 50 yards.... I'd say that the average is 30 or less. A well placed shot ruins nothing but rib meat, which we don't use anyway. Worst case is one shoulder gets hit but it that happens it won't matter if it's a 22-250 or a 30-06, you're going to ruin meat and there's not going to be much difference.

By comparison, a 30-06 generates between 200 and 800ft/lbs less energy, roughly, and creates a hole with nearly 4 times less area. We would consider 30-06 to be a LOW risk of damaged meat.
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