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Greetings from South Africa.

Hi Brothers.
I'm Martin Hedington, 58 years old, living in South Africa and been involved in the SA Firearm lobby one way or another for about fifteen years. I'm not a Hunter but I do carry 24/7. (I'm a rolly man personally).

I've served my brethren on SA Gunowners Association, Gun Owners of South Africa for the last five years and more recently as admin on the Black Gun Owners Association of South Africa, (Y'just need a black gun to join, LOL!).

I was proviledged (and 'flush' enough at the time, LOL!) to sponsor the 1-hour 'Political DVD' on the social ramifications of civilian South African Gun Ownership, featuring Larry Pratt, Charl van Wyk and (at the time) the Chief of Police Robert -the bomber- McBride.

As GM of the sole pro-firearm NGO/CBO in SA, I also published the SA 'survival handbook' 'Conditioned Victim? Your Choice!'

Although I originally TFL over teo years ago, you may have heard we've been rather busy of late with the new gunlaws, pleae forgive my absence (as a lurker).

Anything you'd like to know about South African Gunlaw, or just how we adapt ourselves to fifty murders a day here, just ask. I'll try and accomodate.
Oh yeah, I am also a Registered Private Security Officer and S/D firearm coach so also carry for that reason daily.
"Let’s be absolutely clear on this, Politics aside, a decent firearm is by far the best means of keeping one or more criminal assailants at bay."
~ Martin Hedington; Author: Conditioned Victim? Your Choice.
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