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Back in my school days when I would only have 2 or 3 days a season to hunt I ended up shooting a few small bucks because they were all that I could get sights on in that short of a time period. The smallest was 140-150 and I was using standard federal powershok ammo...the cheap stuff. I always have and always will use 180s in my 30.06 most likely. I like the big round for its impact on the potentially 300lbs bucks that I prefer to chase ;-)
Anyway one of those deer was well under 75 yards and even there the shot did very minimal damage. Just catch the deer in a good spot and you are fine, I like the classic broad side, behind the shoulder shot. The entrance and exit holes were both quarter sized, the deer went down fast, and I lost no more than a rib or two worth of meet with no excessive wounding or bloody pulverized meat to cleam up.
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