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What would you do?

I am privileged to hunt on a section of a well managed private ranch. Some moron (not on our section) decided to hunt with a .22 Hornet. Management found the dead deer and now .243 is the minimum that is allowed and they are really pressing for the larger cals. even up to 30-06.

Our deer run pretty small and the ranges are, for the most part, short. I can't imagine the damage done to a 130# deer that has been shot @ 30 yds. with a 30-06! Or even a .243.

Doe's have to be over 100#s which is a very close call and bucks now have to be sporting 6 pts. I know that you Northern guys are snickering but this is what WE have to play with.

I'm considering hooking up with an old buddy that hunts the WMA's to put meat on the table, times are tough.

I think that I just answered my own question.
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