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Low $ Hunts for non residents

As outdoorsmen outselves we probably know all the best things to hunt and places to hunt them in our area of the world, so I am posting this here looking for input.

The area I live in is very blessed to have big deer, moose, and bear BUT you only get to hunt 1 deer per year, 1 bear per year, and drawing a moose tag can take 10 years.

I want to hunt MORE, but I can't afford to travel the world staying at expensive lodges and buying $500 licences.

Does anyone know of some fun, low $ hunts in the northern part of the US (mid continent to eastern seaboard) or Canada....and these are "non resident hunts" of course, so that often makes a big difference in cost.

I'll love anything with a high success rate even if the animals are not trophy book material. Deer, bear, turkey, hogs....its All good
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