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good stuff

It's always good to see threads like this one.
I wonder whether some folk are more susceptible to absorbing lead and to "holding" on to it. Since I have been having my lead levels tested, try as I might - no casting, no indoor shooting, careful washing, etc. - my level has never tested at less than 8 and normally hovers in the 10-12 area. It had once risen to 40 - lots of sloppiness on my part. It came down steadily - about 3 to 4 parts/decaliter per month - when I stopped the careless behavior (Actually, I stopped all firearms activity for about six months. Lots of archery)
Nowadays, when I shoot indoors I wear a HEPA rated mask and change it out regularly. Gloves always when casting - always well vented.
Still at 10-12 parts.
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