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It's a No4 Mk1 ... post details of any markings on the receiver and butt socket and I'll tell you what manufacture. The MKII flip battle sight is no guarantee that the rifle is Savage or Longbranch, since many back sights were swapped out during FTR programs and then by civvy owners. The Longbranch was also fitted with the MKIII stamped sights.

Another issue is that Savage and Longbranch made very few No4 Mk1's and the bulk of their manufacture was in the Mk1* - the rifle above is a Mk1 and not a Mk1* so I would venture it far more likely to be a British No4 than North American. Having said all that however, the rifle above has the kick leg safety found on Longbranch rifles, but parts were commonly swapped out and this may not be an original part. So until you can provide details of markings it is up in the air.

The quickest way to find out is tell me the serial numbers ... how many numbers and if you have a C prefix or an L prefix.

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