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Why order from Midway when ordering direct from Lee thru their website is cheaper? Midway charges a $4.00 fee on top of S&H which makes Lee products more expensive to get to your door than Lee does.
WHAT? Not in my experience! Do you mean the factory sales store? I hope you're a patient man, that you don't need that mold or whatever in a couple days! People have been waiting for months for lee factory sales to deliver stuff they ordered. If I had to wait that long, I'd wonder why I ordered it!

As for being cheaper, maybe, but I never have had 4$ fee added to any of my orders from midway.

I don't think gee, I'll be wanting to make some bullets in November, I'd better order the mold today from factory sales. I do think, I want to make some 45's next Wednesday, I'll order tonight from midway.
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