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what to do with these darned buffalo hides ???

I knew a guy that raised them, & we ( 2-3 of my wifes cousins & I ) would split one each year... we got the chance to shoot our animal out of a very large pasture... the 1st year, the cousin that shot it, wanted the hide, the 2nd year, the cousin that shot it that year didn't want it, so I took it & salted it, rolled it up & put it in our chest freezer... the next year was my turn to shoot, & I got to shoot one of the biggest bulls, & it was prime...of course I kept the hide, doing the same thing as the previous one...

well that was 2-3 years ago... & one of our small chest freezers has been full of buffalo hides since then... I need the freezer this year, we have a 2nd hog coming & it's deer hunting season...

I pulled the hides out & thawed them, & the newest & best appears fine & doesn't seem to be losing hair yet...

my thoughts originally was to have them tanned with the hair on, but I've never been able to put aside enough money to do that, & it's a long term process & only a couple places do hair on tanning... so I'm thinking about resalting them, & drying them flat, like I used to do with squirrel skins when I was a kid...

any other options for self tanning or storage that doesn't require the freezer???

we already have a bear rug on one wall in the living room, I could probably use one as a wall hanger some where, & the other older one, ( I haven't got that fully thawed & unrolled yet ) if the fur looks like it'll stay, I could probably stick it on a wall somewhere upstairs or at least store it in the attic if it's dryed

suggestions ???
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