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zahn, I do see some large hogs but I also have pockets of predominately black hogs with little teeth and not quite as much the dog wreckers even if they weight 250+. But then are pockets of reddish with more russian looking backs and higher shoulders than rumps that will have 2.5 inch tusks and dog wrecking warriors at 150 pounds. Various traits run in pockets but one thing I find to be most true is that, like humans, the young adult male is the most ready to fight. A 160-180 pounder of any color bothers me far more than a 300 pounder... That show may have put out some info that is outdated but it is pretty much the most accurate depiction I have seen on TV.

As for 1980... that was a key year in the hog industry. It was around that time that the pork industry fell flat on it's face. Hog prices went down to $.08 per pound and that wouldn't cover the gas to haul them to a sale barn. As these farmers tried to hold out until the market improved, many farm hands were let go, fences and barns were let get into disrepair and the farmer couldn't afford feed so the likelihood they would attempt escape increased exponentially... Just a redneck observation as we were in the business about that time...
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