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Feral Hogs

The domestic cat can return to wild in about 3 generations. Then they are called feral cats. It seems that the hog situation is similar, and it was baffling that this never was mentioned. The theme of the show seemed to be about how smart the scientists are determining that the wild hogs here are supposedly originating from Eurasian boars. How the hell did that conclusion come about? As posted above, there may be some Eurasian genetics in some of these hogs, but after 100 years (considerably less time that there have been wild hogs in America) the traits that are an advantage for survival would have been selected by nature. Thus the domestic hog traits would slowly be weeded out and the long snout, bushy mane and bristles, tusks, nasty disposition etc would become more apparent.

Looks like more scare tactics of the media.

Hog hunting would be fun. I heard that in Texas the ranchers and farmers will gladly let responsible hunters shoot hogs and leave them lay. Killing the destructive critters is a happy thing for the folks that have to live with them.
next thing ya know, like the grizzly and wolf, these will be listed as endangered and hunters will be casterated for shooting the damn things.
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