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It was a poorly done show, lots of hyperbole.
They said that the whole US wild pig population came from 8 hogs Columbus turned loose in Florida in 1493.
Hyperbole indeed. Or perhaps blatently outdated information.
....Especially when considering that it was been widely accepted (for over 25 years) that Columbus's 'landing in Florida' was actually a mis-representation of his time in Cuba. Analisys of his logs and charts show that he spent a small amount of time in Central America, mainly around what we know as Honduras; but most of his time was spent in the Caribbean, and on Puerto Rico, Hispanola, Cuba, and San Salvador.
This is important to any theory of Columbus landing in Florida because..... His logs indicate that he believed "Juana" (Cuba) to be a penninsula. (He never attempted circumnavigation of the island to find out.) The time frames and travel times corresponding to references of specific islands, in proximity to "Juana", make it impossible for "Juana" to have been Florida.

Sorry. I couldn't resist the history lesson. I know it was the show's doing, but have a problem with incorrect fallacies of history being passed off as fact. Columbus is credited with discovering the "New World" for Europe. I do give him that. (Even though the Bafoon thought he was in India, and the world was only 13,000 miles around the equator. Papal scholars had told him, and the Spanish crown that the world was over 25,000 miles in circumference. -He refused to believe it.) As for discovering the mainland now known as the USA... nope. The Spanish were responsible for that.
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