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On that show, one point that that they did make was that the "Pig Bomb" has exploded since 1980.
That is intriguing to me, because that was the year I started hunting pigs.
This was down in the Oconee River swamps of central Georgia.
They showed a US map from that year, they said that there were 17 states that had wild hogs in 1980. I saw that the Oconee River swamps were included, so I guess that was an accurate map.
They said that, since then, there are 40 states with wild hogs. They said the US population has gone from 1.5 million, to 6 million. They said Mama Pig has 6 piggies to the litter, 3 litters in 14 months, and a pig can breed from age 6 months. They said there is no other large mammal that breeds so much.

That is fascinating to me. I haven't hunted hogs since 1990. Didn't notice much change in the hog population along the Oconee River in that time, of course, I did my part to keep the population in check, I killed 12 or 14 of them. Damn I love wild hog meat!

Now I live in the North Carolina mountains, I don't know of any wild hogs around here. Maybe they will move into this area and I will get to shoot some piggies again. I'll have to buy another smoker.
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