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OH NO!!! There are wild animals out here!!!!! KillII Kill!! Kill!! Oh, sorry Mr Ranger, I was just defending myself from the bear and the lion.

If that sounds plausible to you, go ahead. I hear state prisons are very nice. But seriously, if you are out in "the wilds" and you happen to see a predatory animal (bear, wolf, lion, etc), and that animal is not threatening you in any way, why on earth would you think it's OK to shoot? Both of the animals you mentioned are controlled species, meaning you have to have a license and tags to take them legally unless they pose an imminent threat to you or your property. As far as being a threat to you, be serious. You have a better chance of a McDonalds 1/4 Pounder killing you than a cougar or a bear. This is just like the old nursery rhyme: "Leave them alone and they'll go home, wagging their tails behind them".
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