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Standoff with Bear

I went out on an early morning Moose hunt the other day. While hiking down a fairly muddy trail I noticed that the black spruce/cottonwood thicket next to me was full of Ravens. I thought, "hmm, must be somethin' dead in there". As I walked a little farther Bear tracks started showing up. Fortunately they were the little black kind and not the big brown style. These tracks appeared to be pretty fresh. Pretty soon I came upon the poopoo and it was very fresh and full O' berries (good eatin bear). The tracks abruptly turned into the thicket directly toward all of those extremely vocal ravens. I started listening real close like and could hear crunching and munching. Because I have three black bear tags I figured I may as well try to get one filled; I back away from the thicket about fifty yards and get set up. So far the wind is in my favor so I figure my best calf in distress call should work.
After the first call I can hear movement but no Bear appears. More calls but still no Bear. I wonder if the wind swirled without my noticing or I was dealing with a very content bear that didn't feel like working for food when he was already at the buffet counter. Either way, I wasn't heading into that thick stuff alone and he wasn't coming out.
Probably a good thing I didn't get the bear because my wifes water broke two hours later

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