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Shoot or No Shoot?

There are many threads here about shooting wild animals for self defense. There are threads about animal attacks and maulings. We somethimes wonder why the victim wasn't armed. I know I carry a gun when I take nature walks. I have yet to encounter any creature that would pose a danger to me. If I do, I hope I have the witts about me to take appropriate action. But, what is appropriate action?

If I spot a mountain lion fifty yards away and he doesn't seem to notice me, could I, or rather should I shoot it? I see a bear crossing a meadow a hundred yards away. She could care less about me, do I shoot? In other words, I wonder when would I shoot a dangerous creature? I am not talking about game laws or regulations, just the morality of it.

For self-defense, I have absolutely no qualms about shooting any animal. I also do not want to kill anything needlessly. I am not some sort of environmental whacko, far from it, but blasting away critters for no purpose at all is not cool to me.

Has anyone here ever thought about this? At what point would you pull the trigger on a dangerous animal? Is it on sight regardless of the circumstances? Do you wait for some sort of aggressive behavior directed at you? Is distance the deciding factor? Is shooting you first or last reaction?

I just hope I will make the right decision when I am faced with it.
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