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I watched "Pig Bomb" for the second time last night. SimonKenton summed it up pretty well.

Wild hogs are a very serious problem in this part of OK. In 2007 we had a bumper crop of acorns and pecans in 2007 and in 2008 we had a bumper crop of acorns. As a result the wild hog population exploded. Despite working five and six days a week since February; I have trapped and shot well over 40 wild hogs this year.

Some of the hogs here look like purebred Eurasian boars because a rich Okie brought in 100 pairs from Germany and turned them loose all over the place. I have been chased twice this year by wild hogs. I now wear chainsaw pants all the time when hunting on the ground for hogs.

Except for the odd cougar, wild hogs do not have any real enemies here: Coyotes and bobcats cannot deal with them.

I have watched hogs chase the deer off food plots and out of wheat fields. Hogs root up the wetlands, root up the food plots and tear up the wheat fields. One huge area that I hunt is so populated with hogs that they have adversely impacted the deer population and at least 20 elk have migrated off the place.

The state of OK still refuses to get serious about wild hogs. They will not let us hunt them at night with a light unless we can prove crop damage and go through a mother may I drill for a night hunting permit.

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