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sinkers? for Slugging

There is safety in asking...however I just spoke to Lee Precision's techie, and got the model numbers of two moulds that should fit. Also they dont need sizing according to him. Use liquid Alox. So I mosied over to Midway and ordered them; two cavity alum moulds with micro grooves and liquid alox. I know it aint' what we discussed. but after deciding to try slugging and looking at there still were too many ?? like where do i slug the .357 mag.<ammosmith showed a revolver being slugged thru the chambers not the barrel. this worried me as on a dble action it could bend the crane. At that point I decided that at $20. each for the moulds I would be happy to try that and if I get leading I will adjust my thinking.

I was just about to try and slim down a sinker I have at .400" to fit. Maybe later.

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