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I lived in Memphis for 10 years & never needed a firearm to defend myself. I think some of you who are speaking ill of Memphis should realize that there are plenty of good, decent, honest people who live there who probably wouldn't apreciate your characterization of their hometown. I lived in the area near the University of Memphis for some time and was never threatened, nor did i feel threatened (did have some kids do a minor burglary). I lived near McLean & Lamar and didn't have any real problems. I lived two blocks from Cleveland on Poplar and had no real problems. I lived north of Summer near East Parkway and never had any problems with crime other than losing a radar detector to an unlocked car door. I was generally in the racial minority for my neighborhood, but this never came up either that i recall (didn't fly a rebel flag or anything though). Most of the areas i lived in would not be described as "affluent". There are some parts of Memphis that are less safe than others, but i wouldn't compare the city as a whole to anything from a zombie flick. I wouldn't recommend hanging out on south Third street, but any idiot could see that area is economically depressed and littered with street people and could be unsafe. The occasional panhandler offering to pump my gas for beer money didn't bother me a bit, especially in the cold weather.

I greatly enjoyed living in Memphis and may move back there from South Mississippi later in life. I have never lived anywhere with the variety of food & entertainment & recreational opportunities available that Memphis offered me. Heck, there are at least 5 disc golf courses in the major metropolitan area; i have to drive 40 minutes for disc golf here. No place is a perfect place to live for everyone; if there was such a place, it would become overcrowded.

If there were no illegal activities going on in your car, i doubt any reasonable officer would object to a pistol in the trunk and a magazine in the glove box, unless you failed to notify him of such before any search of the car (though this would approach technical illegality). I found the Memphis Police Officers very easy to get along with, personally.
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