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New here, this thread caught my eye, am trying to value a Rock Inland 1903, barrel is stamped RIA , the flaming bomb and 8-18, SN# is 317XXX, according to the SN# search I did the rifle was produced in 1918, rifle has not been sanded, has a p in circle stamp and a triangle with a 1 on the stock and has a great bore. Is about a 80% or better condition rifle.

My questions is about its stamps

The bolt is stamped R and has only one number on it a 14. Do not see any other numbers on it, is this correct for a early 03?, safety and sights are stamped R, front barrel band is stamped U. See no stamps on the bottom metal, Is this correct for a early 03?

It's bayonet is marked SA, the flaming bomb , 1918

Does the rifle sound original?. Thanks for any help.


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