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I read someplace once that if dogs were left to do their own mate selection and man stayed totally out of the picture, over time they would slowly become what most of us would call a mongrel or a mut. If I remember correctly this would be a dog of medium build, 40 to 60 pounds, and it would have relatively short hair, mostly brown in color.

Now I don't know if this was correct but the theory was that this is in general the most adaptive configeration for the average dog. In truth not a whole lot different from a coyote.

If that's even close to correct, and if we were to allow the same to happen to the hogs, are we going to get something that is almost a exact copy of a European boar? Or is there some other ancestor that will muddle the picture?

And as the European boar seems to thrive even in the cold regions, surviving snow and the like, does that mean that if allowed without a infusion of new blood that eventually we would have such all over North America?

I know from hunting Ossabaw Island, which is in Savannah harbor off the Georgia coast that if left with no new blood, which on the island they have not had for generations, they start to look & behave very different.

The hogs up there would sort of graze or browse the grass at times, almost like a deer or goat. And they would build very large nests, not the little things we find in the woods here but big things. And they were almost all black with long legs and long hair and no fat and......well you get the picture.
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