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First time deer hunting, I know NOTHING help?

Ok and my friend found someone who will let us hunt on their property. In NJ you can only use a muzzle loader or a shotgun, I dont have a muzzle loader but I do have a smoothbore shotgun. Should I spend the cash and get a scope mount and cylinder bore choke for it...or Should I just buy a muzzle loader (I have been wanting one!)

Also, I know absolutely NOTHING about deer hunting. I know some people put apples out like a week b4 so they come in, I know where there vitals are and that you should shoot them right above and behind there front shoulder, and I know that they are DELISH! I have some camo pants, boots, warm thermals, and my duck hunting gear....Maybe I can wear my duck hunting jacket....I dont know what should I wear and how do I shoot this deer? Do I scout the land? Do I bait it? Do I use about scent...Should I be in a tree, in a hole, lol

Thanks guys Im REALLY excited about doing this ....if you guys can help I will go on the NJ website and apply for a permit right now !!!

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